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Thomas Bouckley Collection
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1915 1*~20(DATE_UN~20~221915~22) N 1919 1*~20(DATE_UN~20~221919~22) N LAKE ONTARIO 1*~20(LOC_BOU_CL~20~22LAKE~20ONTARIO~22) N MILL STREET 1*~20(LOC_BOU_CL~20~22MILL~20STREET~22) N OSHAWA CREEK 1*~20(LOC_BOU_CL~20~22OSHAWA~20CREEK~22) N OSHAWA HARBOUR 1*~20(LOC_BOU_CL~20~22OSHAWA~20HARBOUR~22) N Has Image 2*~20(M_IM_OPAC~20Ready~20and~20M_IM_ACCESS~20!~2B) N Current on Display 2*~20(C_CUR_CODE~20On~20Display) N